The Wise Woman's Guide to a Conscious Birth

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Divine Woman-

There is a Birth Renaissance sweeping the world. Many women feel it and embrace it, some deride it, but no one can stop it. It's a revolution in the way we think about childbirth.

It pulses in our collective feminine consciousness, calling us to awaken, remember and return. To be born and to give birth... there's no other event that so rocks and moulds the human spirit.

The Wise Woman's Guide to a Conscious Birth is for women deeply desiring to experience birth as a peak shamanic experience... and for those who want to bring their baby earthside in the safe and healthy way that Nature intended.

Beloved; how would you like to...

  • Feel totally confident, prepared and knowledgeable about the labor and birthing process
  • Prepare your mind, body and soul for optimal birthing
  • Approach birth from a holistic and evidence based perspective
  • Tap in to and learn to trust your womb wisdom (instincts and intuition)
  • Learn about your full range of options so you can confidently make informed and empowered decisions
  • Reduce your risk of medical complications and interventions (cesarean, episiotomy, etc.)
  • Build a birth plan (and birth team!) that supports and advocates for your birth goals
  • Learn comfort measures and deep relaxation techniques to help you have a quicker, easier, more comfortable labor
  • Get the latest and best evidence based information on: water birth, midwives, doulas, natural birth, homebirth, etc.
  • Bust through the MYTHS + misinformation and know the TRUTH about birth (your pelvis is too "small"... psshh, yeah right.)


Giving conscious birth is woman's vision quest... It is ultimate sadhana (spiritual practice) which requires purity in strength, flexibility, health, concentration, surrender and faith.

Jeannine Parvati Baker, Traditional Midwife and Yogi

My deepest desire is:

  • For you to feel elevated and totally empowered as you remember the ancient birth wisdom that lies within you
  • To lift childbirth out of the realm of pathology in which it is now found, and back into it's exalted position as a sacred event and a profound rite of passage
  • To provide the tools, information, resources and support you need to have a birth experience that allows you to bond and develop a deep soul connection with your baby and your partner
  • To promote the latest and best evidence based medical care, which improves maternal and fetal outcomes and results in healthy, normal childbirth
  • To offer a simple and straightforward childbirth program that simplifies and demystifies birth and builds parents confidence
  • That you and your baby feel loved, honored, supported and deeply nurtured on your birthing journey

"Intellectual" childbirth preparation (absorbing facts and figures) isn't enough- for optimal birthing, some mental, emotional and spiritual preparation is in order. While medical information will come in handy, the nectar of good childbirth preparation is self discovery because preparing for birth means to prepare for the Maiden to Mother transition; and what an absolute transformation THAT is. There's no other time where we're expected to do, be and experience so much. Giving you the tools + information you need to navigate this unknown territory with calm confidence is what makes the Wise Woman's Guide to a Conscious Birth so effective... and radically different from all other childbirth education courses.

You, Gentle Sister, have an innate knowledge of birth. It's in your genetic code. This primal, ancestral knowledge is what has allowed you to conceive and grow an entire human from scratch (with relatively no conscious effort from you - it just... happens) so of course your body also has the divine intelligence to give birth to this baby. Too often, women rely on the "experts" to tell them when to give birth, what to do during birth and then how to get the baby out. I would like you, right now in this moment, to fully embrace, or at the very least, entertain the notion that you are the expert.

Not me, not your doctor, but YOU. Your body will lead the way, if you trust and follow your womb wisdom; that is, your instincts and intuition. As a culture, we have forgotten about our innate wisdom, our birthing instincts, our power, our voice.

Together, we will remember.

No surprise; I've been where you are! When I was pregnant with my first son, Austin, in 2011, I was under the impression that birth was simply an event to be suffered through. I envisioned myself as many women do; lying passively on a bed in a brightly lit room as the doctor pulled the baby out. It never even crossed my mind that a woman could boldly enter the gates of birth, fearlessly and with integrity, standing in her power! I was scared shitless about not only birth, but becoming a mother. I didn't know a thing about either. Talk about clueless. Ha!


I went on to have not just one, but two, midwife attended, easy, beautiful, unmedicated water births. I never knew birth could be so amazing! It's such a shame our culture portrays birth as only trauma and drama; it has the inherent potential to be a profoundly ecstatic moment - a healing and joyful one! So much so, that I look forward to my future birthing journeys with great eagerness. What a blessing to feel so wild, free and alive. We were BORN TO DO THIS...


Childbirth is civilization's oldest ritual and a sacred rite of passage. It's time you unearthed the birth wisdom within you and knew the truth, which is that:

  • A woman's genetic code contains the wisdom and information she needs to give birth to her baby
  • The human body has an innate intelligence and is efficiently, perfectly, intelligently and specifically designed to give birth with minimal effort or assistance
  • Birth proceeds optimally and safest when the mother is educated, supported, trusts her inner wisdom and has chosen a care provider that practices evidence based medicine
  • Pregnancy, labor, birth and breastfeeding are natural, normal, healthy biological functions for which the female body was specifically, intelligently and perfectly designed
  • The experiences of pregnancy and birth affect the lifelong physical, emotional and mental health of both mother and baby
  • "Birthing babies should be just as fun as making babies!" Melynda Smith, Founder of Conscious Birth Academy

I think one of the best things we could do would be to help women/parents/families discover their own birth power, from within themselves. And to let them know it’s always been there, they just needed to tap into it.

John H. Kennell, MD

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As a passionate Birth Keeper, I've held space for close to 1,000 parents as we shared and remembered birth wisdom during childbirth preparation classes. I've also been witness to hundreds of birthing journeys; each one unique. I've heard the battle cry of the warrior-mother as she boldly enters the gates of birth and witnessed the cotton soft tenderness of a new father's face as he cradles his first born.

I've worked with Obstetricians and Midwives and attended births in hospitals, homes, birth centers and cars (oops!) These experiences have given me a deep appreciation for the very important energetic, emotional, sensual and psycho-spiritual aspects of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You can expect that to be reflected in this curriculum, along with what I'm learning as I study Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health at APPPAH.

"Peace on Earth Begins With Birth" is not some lame platitude to me; but a sincere philosophy- if we want to heal this planet, I firmly believe that one way to start is at the beginning of life... with how humans are gestated and born. Think of how quickly the quality of life on this planet would improve if we took steps to ensure that our children were conceived, born and raised in conscious, loving ways. This first year of life (including pregnancy/birth) lays the foundation for our primal health and profoundly shapes who we are; mind, body and spirit. This is not only the philosophy of the elders, shamans and wise women of old, but of the world's leading experts in neuroscience and human development. A strong and healthy family unit is what lies at the foundation of a healthy, happy society and world. This is who I am and what I'm about.


A pregnant woman is participating in an event of miraculous significance, She is bringing into existence a new life that did not exist before. The quality of this life will be defined by the quality of birth. The genius of her body is designed to give birth with grace and ease. In our soft, warm hands we are holding the keys to our future... Within the sacred act of birth lies a pathway to the pure potentiality of life. This is birth as Nature knows it; this is birth as we know it...

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, "Birth As We Know It"


It is not only that we want to bring about an easy labor... we must go further. We must understand that childbirth is fundamentally a spiritual, as well as physical achievement. The birth of a child is the ultimate perfection of human love.

- Dr. Grantly Dick Read, 1953

The truth is that having a healthy, normal birth in today's medical climate requires a heck of a lot more than just showing up and hoping for the best. Right now in the USA:
  • One in three women are giving birth via cesarean section (32.8%)
  • Our maternal mortality rates are rising
  • 60% of these maternal deaths are entirely preventable
  • Only one-third of obstetrical practices are evidence based
  • Between 25-34% of women report that their births were traumatic
It is clear that when it comes to birth in America... we have lost our way. It is essential that you, Gentle Sister, take responsibility for your birth and for ensuring your child's safe and healthy entry into this world by:
  • Choosing the right medical care provider and birth location
  • Educating and empowering yourself
  • Making medical decisions based on best evidence
  • Understanding the benefits, risks and alternatives to common medical interventions
  • Understanding the labor process, what to expect and how your body functions
  • Having a well-informed Birth Partner and Birth Doula (Professional Labor Companion) to support and advocate for you
  • Forming a positive birth philosophy and gaining confidence in your innate birthing abilities

During this course, we'll dive deep into each of these topics so that you know not only what to do to have the birth you deserve, but HOW to do these things. That's why The Wise Woman's Guide to a Conscious Birth includes crystal clear actions plans, checklists and worksheets... and a free 30 minute Birth Strategy Session with me.

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This course launches March 1st, 2018.
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This Wise Woman Program includes...

  • Lifetime access to the course and all materials
  • A simple and straightforward curriculum to help you have a happy, healthy birth
  • 30+ printable, downloadable worksheets, e-books, checklists and templates to help you prepare and plan for your dream birth, including The Blissful Birth Blueprint
  • Private, members only Facebook group so you can connect with other like minded mamas
  • BONUS #1: "Postpartum Wellness" Module ($60 value, yours free)
  • BONUS #2: "Prenatal Wellness" Module ($60 value, yours free)
  • BETTER THAN A BONUS #3: A 30 minute Birth Strategy Session with me!

Your Instructor

Melynda Smith, CHBD, CHHC
Melynda Smith, CHBD, CHHC

Welcome and blessings to you and your growing family! I'm Melynda; Conscious Birth Emissary and Mother of two beautiful, water-born boys. After two ecstatic births of my own and witness to several hundred birthing journeys, I know down to my boneseed that when you combine the latest and best evidence based medical information, ancient wisdom, compassionate support and most importantly, trust the innate intelligence of the MotherBaby unit.... pregnancy and birth become the healing and joyful experiences they were intended to be. My soul's calling is to serve, nurture and support women during the childbearing year.

As a birth keeper, I've been passionately serving families since 2011 as a Certified Holistic Birth Doula, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified HypnoBirthing Instructor, Postpartum Womb Wellness Consultant and Placenta Ceremonialist. I want mothers and families to feel lighthearted, refreshed and elevated during this special time and I have a deep appreciation for the very important energetic, emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I'm a proud member of the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services and currently study Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health at APPPAH.

Blessed be the unborn souls in waiting. Blessed be the milk sweet babes!

Melynda Smith, CHBD, CHHC, PWWC

How is The Wise Woman's Guide different from those classes at your local hospital? Let's take a look:


…if you want to know where a woman's true power lies, look to those primal experiences we've been taught to fear... the very same experiences we've been taught to distance ourselves from as much as possible, often by medicalizing them so that we are barely conscious of them anymore. Labor and birth rank right up there with experiences that put women in touch with their feminine power.

- Dr. Christiane Northrup

This class is perfect for you if:

  • You want something different from those old, boring, outdated classes your local hospital offers
  • Your last birth wasn’t what you hoped it would be and you to be sure you rock THIS birth
  • You want to reactivate, reclaim and rediscover the ancient feminine birth wisdom that lies within you
  • You want to have the most safe, healthy, natural birth possible

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Bonus #1

"Postpartum Wellness" Module: The Maiden to Mother transition is a beautiful yet challenging time. This comprehensive module provides practical and holistic advice for helping you and your partner navigate new parenthood so that you can truly thrive (instead of just "survive") during the very important "fourth trimester". Includes my 18 page "Beautiful Beginnings" postpartum workbook! ($60 value)

Bonus #2

"Prenatal Wellness" Module: A healthy birth and baby depends largely on the choices you make during these nine months of pregnancy. During this module we'll dive into the 7 dimensions of wellness and the 7 realms of nurturing. Your baby's health and wellbeing is directly tied to yours! ($60 value)

Better Than A Bonus #3

A 30 minute Birth Strategy Session with ME! This will give you an opportunity to have 1:1 time with a Birth Pro and get all your burning questions answered. ($50 value)

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The Wise Woman's Guide to a Conscious Birth is a thoughtful (and radical) blend of mythology, symbolism, art, yogic philosophy, feminist theory and the wise woman tradition. Firmly rooted in the Midwifery/Holistic Model of Care, this comprehensive childbirth preparation program is a beautifully designed and curated educational platform; a unique and compact treasury of information and inspiration to guide you toward having the safe, healthy and ecstatic birth that you and your baby deserve. The Wise Woman's Guide to a Conscious Birth will have you, your baby and your partner fully prepared for your best birth!